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More successes for ULTIMATE marine insulation


2006 has proved another very successful year for ISOVER ULTIMATE marine solutions.

Naval Construction successes

ISOVER's groundbreaking ULTIMATE insulation is going from strength to strength, with yet another major cruise line selecting the outstanding performance benefits of ULTIMATE products for on-board insulation applications.

The latest generation of AIDA cruise ships, 250 metres long and designed to carry more than 2000 passengers, will feature the new ULTIMATE insulation, which was developed to combine the excellent thermal and acoustic properties of glasswool with the advanced fire performance of stonewool, in a single product.

Chosen for a range of thermal and acoustic applications where high fire perfomance is required, the ULTIMATE products also provide all of the benefits of a lightweight solution, including easy handling, fast installation and high compressibility, making the products easy to manhandle and fit in areas where space is limited.

With demand for ULTIMATE high and continuing to grow in all countries throughout Europe with active marine markets, sales have grown 300% in recent months. Main markets for the new range include:

  • Cruise ships (Finland, Germany, France, Italy...),
  • Yachts (Netherlands, Germany..),
  • Offshore (Norway, UK....),
  • Navy (France, Germany...),
  • Ferries (Finland, Poland...)
  • and River cruisers (Netherlands and Germany).

The next prestigious application for ULTIMATE will be the world's largest drilling rig, Aker, which will drill in Norway at depths up to 10.000m, and is due for delivery in 2007.

For more details contact: Mark.Westermayer@saint-gobain.com