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ISOVER changes dead load to payload at SMM 2010


ISOVER announces new ULTIMATE Marine Wired Mat


Isover Marine Wired Mats

SMM exhibition, Hall 5, Stand 420.

Insulation world leader, ISOVER, is launching its latest ULTIMATE insulation product, ULTIMATE Marine Wired Mat, at the 2010 SMM Exhibition in Hamburg.

Manufactured using groundbreaking new technology, ULTIMATE Marine Wired Mat combines the exceptional insulation benefits of glasswool with the high fire performance properties of stonewool, in one lightweight, easy to use product. It is therefore suitable for a range of marine applications requiring high levels of thermal and acoustic performance, where fire safety is paramount. Because of its light weight, it is possible to achieve insulation weight savings of up to 50%, or provide the same level of performance as traditional stonewool solutions at up to half of the thickness, freeing up valuable space for cargo.

ULTIMATE Marine Wired Mat offers outstanding heat conductivity, which helps to save energy and thus to reduce emissions. The lightweight flexible mat is strong and resilient, and is packed under compression using innovative packaging technology that reduces pack volumes, thus providing additional savings in logistical and installation costs.

The many advantages offered by the new ULTIMATE products were enough to convince independent international judges at ISO 2010, the trade fair for insulation technology, to select ISOVER ULTIMATE for four separate awards for different solutions using the innovative high performance insulation material.
The unique qualities of ULTIMATE mineral wool are supporting the construction of a new generation of ships with increased load capacities, reduced weight and lower fuel consumption. Vessels which have already taken advantage of this exciting new insulation range include the cruise liners Celebrity Equinox and AIDAblu, both of which have achieved weight savings of several hundred tonnes, thanks to the impressive properties and effectiveness of new ULTIMATE mineral wool.