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First ULTIMATE project in Finland


ISOVER's innovative ULTIMATE Marine insulation products are being used for the first time in Finland in the construction of two new vessels for P & O Ferries.

P & O selected new ULTIMATE insulation, in conjunction with ferry builder STX Europe, because of its ability to provide the required performance at around half the weight of traditional solutions. This helps to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs, as well as helping to cut emissions in line with P & O's environmental strategy.

The two latest 49,000 gross tonne ferries represent the very latest in environmental technology, and are being built at STX Europe's Rauma shipyard, starting in June 2009. Due to be delivered in 2010 and 2011, the 210 metre long ferries will carry up to 180 trucks and 195 cars, and will each have capacity for up to 2,000 passengers.

Around 70,000m2 of ULTIMATE insulation products are being used throughout the two vessels, except on the car decks, to provide fire, thermal and acoustic insulation in a range of applications. Key product applications include:

  • ULTIMATE Marine UMFV 36 roll - used mainly in A60 Deck solutions and fire protection to metal ducts
  • ULTIMATE Marine UMFN 24 roll - used mainly in A30 Deck solutions and in sound reduction
  • ULTIMATE Marine UMFN 24 roll - used mainly in A30 Deck solutions and in sound reductionions

The unique ability of ULTIMATE glasswool rolls to meet demanding thermal insulation requirements at much lower weight than traditional stonewool products means easier handling and quicker installation for STX Europe. It has also led to them being used extensively for thermal insulation applications throughout the upper deck areas.

As the third largest builder of ferries in Europe, and the company responsible for building the world's 15 largest cruise ships, STX's decision to use the groundbreaking new mineral wool on its two latest advanced ferries is a major achievement for ULTIMATE, which was developed by ISOVER specifically to combine the acknowledged thermal and acoustic properties of light weight glasswool with the fire performance of traditional stonewool solutions.

For further information please contact Matti.Reijonen@saint-gobain.com