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CertainTeed exclusive U.S. distributor for ISOVER ULTIMATE Insulation


CertainTeed has been appointed exclusive U.S. distributor for ISOVER ULTIMATE Insulation for Marine and Commercial Building applications


Valley Forge, Pa.

CertainTeed Corporation is pleased to have been appointed exclusive U.S. distributor for ISOVER ULTIMATE high-performing mineral wool insulation. The partnership between CertainTeed and its sister company, Saint-Gobain ISOVER, provides the U.S. market with a unique insulation product for marine and commercial building applications.

ULTIMATE combines the advantages of conventional insulation used for fire, thermal and acoustic applications, with substantially lower weights - up to 50 percent less when compared to conventional stonewool products. It provides superior protection from heat, even with permanently high service temperatures. ULTIMATE meets the highest standards for fire protection and stringent Coast Guard regulations.

ULTIMATE mineral wool has the same properties as ISOVER's standard glasswool in terms of insulation, ease-of-use, environmental benefits and value, but has been developed to operate at the higher temperatures, and with the same level of fire safety, normally associated with much heavier stonewool solutions. It is manufactured from natural minerals and recycled mineral mining waste.

With Saint-Gobain's leadership in the shipbuilding industry, the company is in a unique position to develop insulation products that raise the bar in terms of passenger safety and on-board comfort - and ULTIMATE is the latest demonstation of the company's innovation and technical superiority.

CertainTeed and Saint-Gobain ISOVER are subsidiaries of Saint-Gobain, the world's largest building products manufacturer.

For more information contact:
Michael B. Loughery, CertainTeed
(610) 341-7328