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AIDAblu:ULTIMATE comfort and security on the open seas


March 2010 : Equipped with ULTIMATE marine products, MEYER WERFT's latest cruise ship AIDAblu, sails out of Papenburg (Germany).

The latest new cruise ship in the MEYER WERFT AIDA fleet combines first-class comfort and high-end security. Helping to achieve this goal is ISOVER's innovative ULTIMATE lightweight insulation, which was chosen throughout for most insulation applications because of its unique ability to provide very good thermal and acoustic performance coupled with first class fire performance.

Because of their very low weight and excellent handling characteristics, ULTIMATE products provided benefits during the building phase, when their ease of handling and flexibility to fit in deck areas and around bulkheads, helped to reduce construction time.

Once on the open seas, however, the real benefits of ULTIMATE mineral wool really come into play, with the reduced weight allowing huge savings in fuel consumption compared with traditional heavier alternatives. As well as reducing operating costs and helping to save the environment, the weight savings can also be used to improve cruising speeds.

AIDAblu is the 4th of six ships that will make up the AIDA fleet. At 252 metres long and 32.2 metres wide, she mirrors her sister ships: AIDAdiva, AIDAbella, AIDAluna, in providing discerning pasengers with more space, a larger and more luxurious Spa area, new restaurants with fresh culinary concepts and, for the first time, an on-board brewery.

Aidablu ship

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